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Bridgestone Arena

Tyler Smith - 03/01/13

Bridgestone arena located in Nashville, TN is the home of the Nashville Predators. It hosts many concerts, events, and tournaments. I visited Bridgestone Arena for the 2nd round NCAA Tournament games featuring Texas vs. Cincinnati and St. Bonaventure vs. Florida State.

The arena has a lower bowl. The second and third levels have a horseshoe setup. The second level features club level seating and suites. There are 72 suites in the arena. The south end features the lower bowl and a second level. This section only has one level of suites. This section provides fans closer seating in the upper level. This section also features the "Fan Zone." If you look in the picture you will see above the south end zone an opening with a yellow wall. Originally this wasn't open and a wall was in its place. This gives fans the option to watch the game at all times while on the concourse. The seats were padded and blue with cup holders.

The concourse featured the colors of the Predators. The concourse is wide providing fans plenty of room to navigate. The concourse provides fans with plenty of ways to get up and down arena whether it's stairs, escalators, or elevators. The team shop is located on the main concourse next to the elevators and also near the south end entrance. The Patron Platinum Club is located on the lower level. The club level bar and grill is located on the west side of the arena. The arena is also the home of the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame inside located in the Bridgestone Arena tower.

The exterior of Bridgestone Arena has an exclusive look. From the unique roof to the eye catching tower located off of Broadway. The entrance off Broadway also features a bank of windows. All three of these features combined provide Bridgestone Arena with a grand entrance.

The scoreboard at Bridgestone Arena made its debut in 2007. The scoreboard features 4 large video boards and several smaller screens on top. The scoreboard features ribbon banners on both the top and bottom. Ribbon style scoreboards can also be found on the front of the second and third level.

The location of the arena is on the famed Broadway Street. On Broadway you can find plenty of bars, restaurants, and plenty of parking off the street. The Country Music Hall of Fame is also located just off Broadway.


Bridgestone Arena: Bridgestone Arena's entrance made me stop and pause. The wall of windows, the roof, and tower give the arena a distinct look. Walking inside I enjoyed the arena's color scheme and could tell I was at the home of the Predators. I understand the color scheme was recently added, which was a good move by Bridgestone Arena. The concourse was an adequate size for the arena and was easy to navigate. The open section at the top of the south end is great and something I look for in a arena.

Scoreboard: The new scoreboard dubbed Megatron is top of the line. The scoreboard has plenty of screens and is completely digital. This was upgraded back in 2007. Having this upgrade takes Bridgestone Arena to the next level.

Atmosphere: I'll start by saying I didn't see a Predator's game, I was at the NCAA Tournament games. I will be making a visit to Predators sometime next year. The atmosphere for the games was above average. The best fan base at the tournament was St. Bonaventure. They were loud and brought a lot of energy to the building. The arena has the potential to be very loud. I'll get a better feel for it when I attend a Predators game.

Nashville: I always have a good time in Nashville. The city is live and people are always strolling Broadway. Broadway at night is a great scene with tons of neon lights glowing. I plan on trying more restaurants and checking out more bars on my next visit.

Game Day Activities

  1. Find parking. There's plenty of parking all around Bridgestone Arena. Most of the parking spots are found north of Broadway.
  2. Head over to Broadway Street. This is the home of country music. Many restaurants, bars, and entertainment are found here. Do you want to eat at a national restaurant like Hard Rock Cafe or go local spot like Jacks-Bar-B-Que? Plenty of live music being played at Tootsies, The Stage, and Legends Corner.
  3. Off of Broadway you can find places like Coyote Ugly and Charlie Daniels Museum on 2nd street. If you walk towards the river you will see LP field, home of the Tennessee Titans. Down by the river they have a park to relax at and take in the city of Nashville.
  4. If you're a fan of country music head over to the Country Music Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is located to the south of Bridgestone Arena on 5th Avenue.
  5. Head back to Bridgestone Arena and enjoy the game!


Stray Info

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