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Thompson-Boling Arena

Tyler Smith - 01/13/11

Thompson-Boling Arena opened in 1987. The Vols have a 270-92 record in the arena. The Arena recently had renovations which took the facility to another level. There are new black chairs throughout the arena. The chairs give the arena a sleek look. They have added 32 luxury suites, which reminds me of Philips Arena home of the Atlanta Hawks. The drop down scoreboard is a must. The team enters the arena from mid level and goes down the stairs to get to the court which is a really cool feature.

The court has Tennessee written in orange at mid-court. The inside of the free throw box is orange with SEC written inside it. The end line on both sides are checkered board orange and white similar to Neyland Stadium's end zone.

Game Day Activities

  1. Check out the UT Bookstore for all your Vol and Lady Vol Gear.
  2. Listen to Renaldo “Swiperboy” Wooldridge. Songs: BallerVol, Orange and White, Footvol.
  3. If you have the time head over to Market Square located in the heart of downtown. Stop in for a bite at Tomato Head. Tomato Head uses all natural ingredients and has fantastic pizza. There are also several other restaurants.
  4. After the game head over to the “Strip” located on Cumberland Avenue. There are plenty of bars, restaurants, and fast food options for all ages.
  5. At least once throughout the day sing “Rocky Top” at the top of your lungs!


Stray Info

  1. X-Factor Basis: Player Entrance
  2. I Would Recommend An UK Game For The Best Atmosphere